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Student Opportunities

Our students have many opportunities to engage in activities on campus and in the community. 

Community Resolution Services Hosts Story Café in the Alvin Sherman Library

Story Cafe

Community Resolution Services (CRS) in partnership with the College’s Graduate SGA, hosted Story Café at the Alvin Sherman Library.

Story Café, which was free and open to the public, engaged participants in sharing stories related to themselves and their families using narratives and any collateral materials (photographs, poems, etc.) Participants were at tables with graduate students from CRS as facilitators. After the story sharing, participants created an artifact using pieces of cloth and markers. Many traced their hands and added words, phrases and artwork. The pieces will be sown together to become a lasting memorial of the event.

CRS provides workshops and trainings to the community as well as participating in NSU and community events. The faculty advisor is Dr. Judith McKay.

CSA Students Awarded First Place in NASPACase Study and Student Named Outstanding Graduate Student


Students from the M.S. in College Student participated in the Florida Conference for the Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education, (NASPA), NASPA Florida Drive-In held at the University of Central Florida. When all was said and done, our students received top honors at the conference.

Two NSU CSA teams, made up of Tara Centeno, Dani Durbala, Craig Johnson, Greg Langstaff, Victor Martinez, Julio Perez, Sean Ryan and Samantha Townshend entered the Case Study Competition. The NSU team of Craig Johnson, Greg Langstaff, Sean Ryan and Samantha Townshend won First Place – the first time an NSU team took first place in this competition!

Not to be outdone, CSA student Greg Langstaff was named NASPA-Florida Graduate Student of the Year! This is the second consecutive year a student from NSU has received this honor. Langstaff will now be nominated by the state association for the NASPA Region III Graduate Student of the Year.

The Social Justice Roundtable with Community Resolution Services hosted a Dialogue on “The Research is in: Inclusive Groups/Teams at the Top of Best Talent Practices!” 

The Social Justice Roundtable (SJR) and Community Resolution Services (CRS) hosted a Diversity and Inclusion Dialogue on “The Research is in: Inclusive Groups/Teams at the Top of Best Talent Practices!” from 4:30-5:45 p.m. Saturday, September 24, 2016 in the Maltz Building.

The SJR provides a means to examine and discuss topics related to human rights and social justice. Research shows how inclusive groups and teams have stronger outcomes and help to predict the highest performing organizations. The question is how can we better understand and build inclusion into our own best practices?

Over twenty students participated as well as Dr. Mike Caldwell, NSU’s Diversity and Inclusion facilitator. SJR’s faculty advisor is Dr. Judith McKay.

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