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Community Outreach

Students from the Department of Multidisciplinary Studies have presented research at conferences across the country and around the world.

CSA Students and Alum Present at the NASPA Annual Conference


While they were graduate students in the M.S. in College Student Affairs, Craig Johnson and Rae Horton, and alumna Stephani Schmidt, M.S., along with Carol Galladian, Ph.D., presented at the NASPA Annual Conference in New Orleans.

NASPA is the Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education professional association. The conference theme was “Navigating with Courage." The presentation was titled “Workplace Leadership: Perspectives of Graduate Assistants, New Professional, and Mid-Level Professional.” The conference set a record with more than 8,000 registered attendees from around the world.

MACS Student presents at the 3rd International Conference on Health, Wellness & Society in Brazil


While a student in the M.A. in Cross-disciplinary Studies (MACS), Marcia Brown, M.D., presented a paper at the Third International Conference on Health, Wellness and Society held in San Paulo, Brazil.  Brown’s presentation was entitled, “A Systems Perspective of a Diagnostic Dilemma in Anesthesiology,” Regarding the conference, Brown said, “I believe this extraordinary opportunity exemplifies the mission of the MACS program and demonstrates how interdisciplinary approaches can be a catalyst for future innovations.

NSU Center for the Humanities

In addition to championing core academic disciplines in the humanities such as history, philosophy, composition and rhetoric, criticism and theory of the performing and visual arts, literature and language studies, the Center for the Humanities is dedicated to highlighting the significant role the humanities play in related fields in the social sciences. The NSU Center for the Humanities also aims to demonstrate the relevance of the humanities as a complement to the core STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and math) with a view to encouraging students and scholars in those disciplines to explore these connections. The Center for the Humanities serves as a resource for both students and scholars at NSU and from elsewhere by hosting workshops, conferences, and other professional development opportunities. The Center for the Humanities also serves as a resource for teachers and students in the primary and secondary education system in the South Florida region, providing material resources and training opportunities. The Center is dedicated to engaging the wider South Florida community by partnering with community organizations and participating in local cultural initiatives that highlight the humanities.

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