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Writing and Communication Student Spotlights

Students & Alumni

The following testimonials represent the diverse learning experiences and academic achievements of both the current students and alumni of the Department of Writing and Communication.

If you're an alumnus/a of our department, we'd like to hear from you! Contact our faculty or department chair to share your academic, professional, or personal success story.

Charnele Michele

Charnele MicheleClass of 2013

Account Executive at BCV Social

"My time at Nova Southeastern University pursuing a bachelor's degree in Communication Studies revealed the importance of research prior to communication – the idea that before I could communicate to an audience, I needed to know what fueled, inspired and affected them. With professors that have real world career experience, you are equipped with technical and philosophical knowledge, which is the perfect balance needed when pursuing a career within the communications field."

Lauren McGarrett

Lauren McGarrettClass of 2015

Junior Video Producer at NSU 
Founder/Director at Prize Box Productions

“The COMM program has given me the opportunity to create lasting relationships with others in my field. Many of the people I have collaborated with on my projects are fellow students or professors that I met during my time as a student at NSU. It’s one of those programs where you get to know all of your classmates throughout your time in school.”

Devin Raftery

Devin RafteryClass of 2016

Pitcher at Houston Astros

“My favorite thing about the communication major at Nova Southeastern University is that it was a small major, so everyone knew everyone. The professors were very connected with networks outside of school and had lots of experience in their fields, so it was easy to find a path focused on exactly what I wanted to do in communications.”

Nicole Cocuy

Nicole Cocuy

Class of 2016

Law Student at Boston College

“The communication studies major definitely helped me prepare for law school. The courses taught me how to write clearly and succinctly, effectively communicate publicly in a room full of peers and privately in small groups and one-on-one conversations, and analyze and develop persuasive arguments using rhetorical devices. I was surprised to learn how important writing and interpersonal communication is in the legal profession, and I think my major gave me an edge in that regard.”

Tiara Baldoni

Tiara BaldoniClass of 2016

Traffic Coordinator at Zimmerman Advertising

“DWC had me well-prepared for the advertising world, because my professors were always relating everything in the classroom to real-life situations,” Baldoni said. “This not only made the coursework more interesting but also helped me understand why what I was learning was so important. The DWC faculty and staff at NSU really care about their students’ success and have helped tremendously in guiding me to where I am today.”

Natalia Hernandez

Natalia HernandezClass of 2017

Graduate Student at City University of London

“I started college back in 2005, when I was 18. I ended up dropping out and working instead. After almost a decade, I finally decided to go back and finish my degree. But this time, I was sure of what I wanted to do, which made my experience so much more fulfilling. As cliché as it may sound, it really is never too late to go back to school, to learn new things, to take the risk you want to take, and be the person that you want to be.”

Toussaint Campbell

Toussaint CampbellClass of 2018

Contributing Writer at NSU's The Current

“The communication major has helped me clarify my writing and, through writing, clarify my thought. Classes like communication traditions have strengthened my skills to create, defend and identify arguments. I have been able to explore subjects like art, science and politics. The communication major has helped me understand the significance of interactions on a micro and macro scale from daily memes to how the press encourages open discourse in a community and protects our free speech.”

Brittany Eyres

Brittany EyresClass of 2018

Public Relations Intern at Scott Palmer Racing

“Dr. Lehmann’s PR writing course has helped me tremendously in my internship. I have taken what I’ve learned in that class and applied it to all press releases, the media kit, and even social media writing. Without that class or any of my writing classes, I would not have been able to successfully complete my internship.”

Cleber Viana

Cleber VianaClass of 2021

Marketing Coordinator at Chick-Fil-A

“I find that the communication program is going to strengthen me as a thinker, which I think is really important. If I am going to be working with people in the marketing field, I need to know how to communicate effectively. I want to make sure that I have a diverse range of thoughts and that I think effectively, and this major will definitely help me accomplish that.”

Nicole Chavannes

Nicole ChavannesClass of 2018

Editor-in-Chief at Digressions

“I think I've improved so much in less than a year just because I opened myself up to the idea that I could improve when I took on the writing minor. I encourage anyone who wants to go into a field even remotely related to writing to take it on.”

Nicole Suarez

Nicole SuarezClass of 2019

Writing Fellow at NSU Writing and Communication Center

“My writing minor exposes me to different media, styles, and grammar, connecting well with what I’m learning in my major. I also like that I have gotten to meet every single person in the writing department, and because there are so many different teachers in the minor, I have never had the same one twice. This gives me the opportunity to learn from a different perspective and teaching style every time I take a new class.”

Keren Moros

Keren MorosClass of 2015 (M.A.) | Class of 2011 (B.A.)

Assistant Editor at Lifestyle Media Group

“After I earned my bachelor’s degree, I knew I needed more training to pursue my goal of becoming a professional editor and writer. The graduate program appealed to me because it covered several genres of nonfiction writing, allowing me to expand my skills. In addition, learning about rhetoric, research and the history of English improved my understanding of how others communicate. My favorite part of the program was learning from the feedback I received from professors and classmates, which helped me understand my writing style and allowed me to consistently improve.”

Cristine Busser

Cristine Busser

Class of 2013

Assistant Professor at University of Central Arkansas

“Thanks to the personalized attention of NSU's faculty, I became part of a really special community of writers,” Busser said. “Writing is so personal, and so to have peers interested in supporting this part of you is very important.”

Cherrie Ali

Cherrie Ali

Class of 2016

Graduate Assistant at DWC

“What I like about the program is how in each class you get the freedom to choose a topic that’s interesting to you, and the professors are really good about showing you how you can explore your personal interests more through each course. My thesis project stemmed from the Technical Writing class. This is a great project because I am able to apply what I have learned in a real-world setting.”

Kamila Albert

Kamila Albert

Class of 2016

Doctoral Student at Florida State University

“Thanks to courses like Writing for Technologies, Feature Writing, and Editing, Layout, and Design, I was approved to teach upper-level Writing and Editing in Print and Online at FSU. I owe NSU's DWC so much. There are excellent, supportive professors and lots of opportunities for academic growth.”

Jessica Organ

Jessica Organ

Class of 2018

Graduate Assistant at DWC

“I’ve already picked up so much knowledge through this program that will help me pursue my future goals. Each class is completely customizable, so I have been able to really concentrate on my interests, and the small class sizes mean a lot of one-on-one time with the professors. I actually look forward to class every week.”

Chris Netterville

Chris Netterville

Class of 2019

Graduate Assistant Coordinator at NSU Writing and Communication Center

“Even within the first semester, I already feel that I am being equipped to better teach and produce professional writing. The faculty have not only been excellent professors but also approachable mentors; even outside of the classroom, they help me better understand their research and our discourse community.”

Jacob Weiers

Jacob Weiers

Class of 2019

Graduate Assistant Coordinator/Peer Consultant at NSU Writing and Communication Center

“It’s great to be a part of a program that teaches skills that are universal and can be used in a variety of fields after its completion. It has helped me achieve my goals by teaching me strategies for teaching composition and provided opportunities for practical application for things I learned in the classroom.”

Irina Constantinide

Irina ConstantinideClass of 2016

“As a communication major, I learned that communication is a skill that requires training and hard work but can be improved quickly. My experience as a communication intern for DWC made me aware of how important it is to constantly think about what you have done and how you can get better at it. It’s always so important to question yourself and think about how you could improve and be better."

Jackie Garcia

Jackie GarciaClass of 2017

“I had the opportunity to work directly with Dr. Lehmann as a communications intern for DWC, and it was one of the most valuable experiences I've had as an undergraduate student. Her passion for the field and dedication to her students is what inspired me to apply for the internship. I'm so grateful to have learned from such passionate professors that make up DWC.”

Nikki Chasteen

Nikki ChasteenClass of 2017

Social Media Manager at Infinite Laundry

“Despite only spending one year at NSU, I quickly became part of the DWC family. In classes like Social Media Theory and PR Campaigns, I learned invaluable real-world skills within social media. The best part about being a DWC student is knowing that I have mentors for life. It’s what makes the department unique. I know that I can always reach out to any of the professors for advice.”

Alexis Behr

Alexis BehrClass of 2017

Digital & Social Media Content at Alpha Media

"I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to be a DWC communication intern. I look forward to taking the industry-driven skills I have developed into my career."

Veronica Rodriguez Mendoza

Veronica RodriguezClass of 2018

Social Media Coordinator at Aura Lash Studio

“It amazes me to see how much DWC has grown in the past year. As a DWC intern, I have learned many invaluable skills that have helped me grow not only as a student but as a person, as well.”

Jeweliana Register

Jeweliana RegisterClass of 2018

Editor at NSU's The Current

“After my first semester as a communication student in Dr. Lehmann’s PR Writing and Mass Media courses, I knew that I had made the right choice by choosing DWC and communication. DWC is one big family, and the small class sizes enabled me to build relationships with my professors. The DWC staff is all so passionate about what they do and that translates in all of the courses they teach and the extra time they put into each student’s experience. I know that my professors and classmates will be resources I can use for the rest of my life, and that is invaluable to me. I’m proud to be a part of DWC!”

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