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At the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences, you are member of a multidisciplinary community engaged in purposeful, scholarly exploration. The college’s environment is designed to stimulate your intellectual curiosity and strengthen your analytical and critical-thinking skills.

Coursework is enhanced by special programs that can help you develop and advance the skills, values, and attributes essential for success in college and your professional career. Students of all majors are encouraged to extend the curriculum beyond the classroom to discover a stronger sense of communal responsibility and personal identity.

Participation in the following student opportunities can expand the reach and impact of your college education.

Seize this opportunity to learn more than what books alone can teach you. When you fully engage with your studies—not only as a student, but as an active, contributing member of this community—you will take with you far more than grades and your degree. You will graduate with a passion and enthusiasm for the next adventure.


The NSU Computing Help Desk provides assistance to all NSU students. Contact the Help Desk at 800-541-6682, ext. 24357 or (954) 262-4357.

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