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Transfer of Credits

Credit hours may be accepted for transfer into the Ph.D., M.S., and Graduate Certificate programs. These must be graduate courses taken at regionally accredited colleges or universities. All courses to be transferred must be substantially equivalent to courses taught in the program to which you are applying. Each applicant will be reviewed on an individual basis. There are no transfer credits given for electives.

You must submit an Application for Transfer of Credit, available from the Program Coordinator, with specific requests for the courses you wish to waive, accompanied by official course descriptions and syllabi that document the content of the course(s) you wish to transfer. No more than two courses may be used to establish equivalence with a NSU course. To be considered for transfer of credit, courses must have been completed prior to admission to the graduate program and less than seven years prior to the beginning of the student's first trimester. Also, course grades must be "B" or higher. Courses approved for transfer of credit will be recorded on your NSU transcript. Requests for transfer of credit must be completed before the end of the student’s first trimester.

The following is the maximum number of transfer credits accepted by each program:

You may download a Transfer of Credit Form here.

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