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Curriculum Requirements

The Graduate Certificate in Peace Studies consists of 3 courses (15 credits). Students can tailor the Graduate Certificate to their interests. To complete the requirements for the Graduate Certificate in Peace Studies, students must take 6 credits of electives (2 courses) approved by the department as Peace Studies curriculum. The Required courses and their descriptions can be found below.

CARM 5000 - Foundations and Development of Conflict Resolution and Peace Studies (3 credits)

This course outlines the substantive themes, history, origins, contexts, and philosophical foundations of conflict resolution, healing, peacemaking, and problem solving. Students will examine levels of interventions and processes in the field of conflict resolution.

CARM 6170 - Violence Prevention and Intervention (3 credits)

This course examines various theories of human aggression and violence, exploring their underlying assumptions about human nature and the causes of violence. Also included is an introduction to a range of violence intervention and prevention approaches developed for use at the interpersonal, intergroup, and societal level.

CARM 6663 - Introduction to Peace Studies (3 credits)

This graduate seminar explores theories of peace and war, as well as the promotion of peace. This seminar provides students with an in-depth understanding various depictions of peace, emphasizing the concepts of positive peace, social justice, and international development. Peace will be examined systemically, highlighting connections between the experience of peace at the personal, community, national, and international levels. Students will therefore also investigate the relationships that human nature and culture have with peace, war, and violence. In addition, the course will investigate how international bodies promote peace and mitigate the effects of war. Students will also examine the causes of war and just war theory. The field of peace studies will be outlined as well, including a brief history of the field.

Below is a sample of a degree plan for a full-time student who begins their studies in Fall term. Degree plans will be modified based on a student's enrollment date and pace of study.

Table 1: Degree Plan: 15 credits hours
Year 1
Fall (September) CARM 5000
Foundations and Development of Conflict Resolution & Peace Studies
CARM 6170
Violence Prevention and Intervention
CARM 6663
Introduction to Peace Studies
Winter (January) Elective #1 Elective #2 Graduation & Celebration
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