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The Suriname Initiative

Suriname Map

DCAR is currently collaborating with the Government of Suriname under the project, Needs Assessment and Capacity Building in Conflict Resolution. The objective of the project is to provide training in mediation, negotiation, and conflict resolution skills to government officials, Indigenous Peoples, and Maroons in the areas of mining and land rights.


This initiative started with an interdisciplinary Global Course in 2011, where 14 DCAR students traveled to Suriname and for eleven intense days, and experienced the historical, ecological, and cultural diversity of this beautiful country while learning about environmental conflict. At the end of the trip, students developed and presented a CR workshop targeted to government officials, NGO practitioners and faculty. The success of this training initiated this partnership.

Who is involved in this initiative?

Leading this Project is Dr. Bastidas, who is the PI of the Program. Dr. Toran Hansen is participating as one of our lead CR trainers. Ph.D. candidate, Gwendolyn Smith has been a key supporter and liaison between Nova and the Government of Suriname for this project. Several alumni and students have been involved in practicum opportunities and training efforts. We would like to invite you to become part of this experience.

Suriname DCAR Students 2011

DCAR students GC Suriname 2011

Suriname April 2012

Drs. Bastidas and Hansen participating in a
Training Session for Indigenous Peoples and
Maroons in Suriname, 4/12


Grant writing, development of Training Materials, Practicum sites, and Dissertation Topics.

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