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Monitoring Issues of Central and South America (MI CASA) Research Group

Our Mission

The Monitoring Issues of Central and South America (MI CASA) Research Group aims to raise awareness on current issues and conflicts in Latin America, including the Caribbean Nations. It is our goal to use MI CASA as a platform to create partnerships among NSU students, faculty, alumni, and individuals from different countries in Latin American in order to promote research, generate projects, and apply nonviolent techniques to foster and promote peace in this region. MI CASA respects the diversity of cultures, values and thoughts, and promotes multicultural interaction. MI CASA is committed to making your participation in this group an extraordinary experience.

Our Objectives

  • Stimulate a new generation of scholars and practitioners who show concern and are willing to work on the challenges of peace and conflict resolution in Latin America.
  • Generate partnerships for learning, research, and exchange of knowledge around specific initiatives in Latin America.
  • Generate opportunities for NSU students, faculty and alumni to acquire real life experience through research, fieldwork, and global courses in Latin America.
  • Create networks and promote multicultural interaction among NSU students, faculty and alumni with different communities in Latin America.
  • Organize conferences pertaining to issues in Latin America.
  • Present papers on a variety of topics related to Latin American Conflicts.
  • Debate issues in relation to Latin American conflict.

Description of Initiatives

The MI CASA Research Group is looking for individuals who would like to explore and develop partnership initiatives in several countries in Latin America. We envision this student-led initiative to be in direct relation to ongoing faculty or departmental projects in order to secure the sustainability of the initiatives. Depending on the interest for any specific project, MI CASA members will develop action plans to guide the work throughout the year.

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