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Student Government Association

The College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences Student Government Association (CAHSS SGA) is dedicated to bringing together the entire student body in collaborative and creative ways to further academic goals, promote inclusive learning communities, and provide an open forum for effective communication and networking. The CAHSS SGA serves to foster relationships among students, as well as between students, faculty, alumni, administration, and staff. The overall purpose is to enhance the academic experiences for students in light of NSU’s Vision 2020.

Student Bylaws   Guidelines for Clubs   Scholarship

President Gita Neemar
Vice President Bryan Day
Secretary Tatiana Rivera
Treasurer Edwina Ward
Online Representative(s) Celina Gorut
Monica Discolo
International Students Representative Denisha Shah
Conflict Resolution Studies Representative Jennifer Lawer
Justice and Human Services Representative Kimberly Cronin
Family Therapy (Doctoral Program) Representative Debbie Manigat
Family Therapy (Master Program) Representative Benjamin Zeiger
History and Political Science Representative Ryan Johnston
Writing and Communication Representative Carol Reynolds-Srot
Multidisciplinary Studies Representative(s) James Welch
Cedric Blatch
CAHSS Faculty Advisor Dr. Elena Bastidas
CAHSS Administrative Advisor E. Jayne Schatz
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