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Internship and interviewing workshop assists communication majors

Hosted by DWC and Career Development

On Thursday, Jan. 19, NSU’s Department of Writing and Communication (DWC) and NSU Career Development teamed up to host the second workshop in a series of workshops for communication majors.


“The idea is to bring as many resources as are available to the students,” said Megan Fitzgerald, Ph.D., associate professor of communication for DWC. “Career Services exists all the time, and students are welcome to go there, but I don't think students always make that connection to go. To bring that information to our majors, I thought, was a better way of getting them engaged. Everyone is excited and curious about what happens in the next steps and getting a job after graduation, so we wanted to make that as easy as possible for the communication majors.”

The second workshop was led by NSU Career Adviser Margaret Morrissey and focused on internships and interviewing.

“The workshop was helpful, especially for the stage that I am at right now,” said Emalee Shrewsbury, a senior majoring in communication. “Being a senior, I am looking for internships and jobs. Getting help with little tips like personalizing the cover letter, as well as the resume, was interesting to me and something I hadn’t really thought about.”

Students were not only given tips on how to improve their resumes and cover letters but also on how to improve their professional brands.

“There are a lot of different areas of professional development, whether it is how you are dressing for an interview or even how you shake the employer’s hand when you’re meeting them,” Morrissey said. “All these things make up your professional brand and when you’re getting hired for an internship or a job, the employer is really hiring you and your brand, so you want to start off right away making that great impression.”

Morrissey encourages students of all majors to attend workshops like these to learn tips that will ultimately set them apart from other applicants and will take them further professionally.

“Your professional development really starts the day you step onto campus,” Morrissey said. “Do research on campus. Do internships on or off campus. There are so many different experiences and going to these workshops will help you in the best way possible.”

DWC’s next workshop with Career Development is scheduled for the Fall 2017 semester.

For more information on NSU Career Development, click here.

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