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HCAS Writing faculty member publishes book ‘Writing in a Technological World’

Inspired by the lack of textbooks covering the content she teaches her students in her Writing with Technologies course, NSU Associate Professor of Writing Claire Lutkewitte, Ph.D., took matters into her own hands and published the book “Writing in a Technological World,” which explores how to think rhetorically, act multimodally, and be sensitive to diverse audiences while writing in technological contexts.

bookPublished by Routledge in 2020, the book provides guidance for writing across various types of technology, such as social media, websites, podcasts and mobile technologies, and features real-world examples from professionals who write using a wide range of technologies. The book also includes assignments, activities and discussion questions for readers to practice in the development of their writing skills.

“Dr. Lutkewitte’s work makes a significant contribution to the field and serves as an excellent model for our graduate students,” said Shanti Bruce, Ph.D., professor and assistant dean for NSU’s Department of Communication, Media, and the Arts within the Halmos College of Arts and Sciences and the Guy Harvey Oceanographic Research Center.

Lutkewitte’s goal in publishing “Writing in a Technological World” was to create a book applicable to as many students as possible, offering them information on the kinds of writing they may do once they graduate while teaching them about writing in the technological world we live in.

“I'm grateful that I have colleagues, both at NSU and at other institutions, who have supported me throughout the process of writing and promoting the book,” Lutkewitte said. “I'm especially thankful for the reviewers' kind words. They helped me while I was drafting and are helping me now as I am promoting the book.”

Lutkewitte joined NSU in 2009 and serves as an associate professor of writing for the Department of Communication, Media, and the Arts, where she teaches a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses including basic writing, college writing, writing with technologies, teaching writing, research methods and teaching writing online.

For more information about “Writing in a Technological World,” click here.

For more information about Lutkewitte, click here.

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