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High school students participated CAHSS Ice Cream Entrepreneur Program

Flavors featured at 'Scoop Event' with Yo Mama's Ice Cream

On Friday, Aug. 23, local high school students who participated in the 2019 CAHSS Ice Cream Entrepreneur Program (ICEP) had the opportunity to feature their flavors at Yo Mama’s Ice Cream on Fort Lauderdale Beach. During the “Scoop Event,” which took place at 7 p.m., students watched their creations come to life as they served up their flavors to Yo Mama’s patrons.

ICEP“I think students were extremely proud to scoop their flavor creations at the shop, getting a chance to see their creative efforts come to fruition in front of real customers,” said Stephen Andon, Ph.D., associate professor of communication and ICEP director. “I hope that ICEP participants gained a sense of accomplishment from taking part in the scoop event, given the sheer volume of creative work that they generated during the week leading up to it. And to have their friends, their family, NSU faculty and Lee Feldman, the owner of Yo Mama’s, there to experience their work firsthand, that was just the cherry on top.”

The “Scoop Event” featured the ice cream flavors designed by the five students teams who took part in the summer program on NSU’s main campus. Featured flavors included: Cherry Bomb, Upside Down, Caffe de Siciliano, Vamos a la Playa and Oh, Deer!

“I loved interacting with the customers and seeing their reactions to the different ice cream flavors developed by the groups in the ICEP,” said Tara Perrotti, a student participant. “It was a rewarding experience to be hands-on in the ice cream shop and really see something I helped create come to life for all to enjoy.”

The free, week-long course, sponsored by NSU’s College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences, offers high school students the opportunity to develop a business plan and exercise writing and presentation skills.

“Our goal is to give students an edge in their young careers by thinking like a business owner long before they enter the workforces,” Andon said.

The annual summer program, which launched in 2017, partners with Yo Mama’s Ice Cream and features various communications experts from the South Florida community as guest speakers and judges.

“I especially enjoyed meeting the student participants and their parents at the ICEP Scoop Event,” said Shanti Bruce, Ph.D., professor and chair of the departments of Multidisciplinary Studies, Performing and Visual Arts, and Writing and Communication. “Everyone was excited to try the new flavors and to share how meaningful they found the program to be.”

For more information about the CAHSS Ice Cream Entrepreneur Program, click here.

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