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DLML faculty and students in Film Studies Minor present at PCAS conference

Conference took place in North Carolina

This past month, Dr. Kathleen Waites, a professor in the Department of Literature and Modern Languages for the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences, was pleased to accompany two of her film minor students, Brianna Issenberg and Madelyne Snyder, who had their papers accepted for conference presentation at the annual regional Popular Culture American Culture conference (PCAS) at Wilmington, NC, 26th-28th September. Both students not only presented but were also asked to serve as chairs for their respective panels.


“I had the ability to present and attend the PCAS Conference. While I was extremely nervous, I was excited to present," Snider said. "It was an honor to learn about other film-related topics and theories. The overall experience was very beneficial for my professional career and personal interests.

In “Other Girl Turned Final Girl?”, Issenberg’s paper examined how conventional tropes of the horror film are being upended and reworked in current films, while Snyder’s “The Witty Warrior Women: Combating Social Disputes with Comedy and Sisterhood” stakes out new ground in her exploration of a category of chick flick comedies that offer an alternative, social warrior woman.


“Attending the PCAS ACAS conference is one that will never forget," Issenberg said. "I had never been part of a conference much less a chair speaker. It was truly amazing being able to speak and connect with my session mates as well as the audience about my topic."

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