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DCRS faculty named CAHSS Professor of the Year

Has previously received awards in conflict resolution field

At a recent awards ceremony, the NSU Faculty Advisory Council recognized Professor Neil Katz, Ph.D., as the 2018-2019 Professor of the Year for the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences.

KatzKatz is a faculty member in the Department of Conflict Resolution Studies, which he served as Chair of from 2009-2012. Katz had worked with then-Interim Chair Claire Michѐle Rice to determine which faculty from the department might be nominated for an award.

“We looked at the criteria and saw that a lot of it was working with students in research projects and applied projects, and that was something that I happen to be strong in and take seriously,” Katz said.

Once the department decided to nominate Katz, he was no longer involved in the process and was surprised to eventually learn that he was the final nominee for the whole college. He considered his nomination a long shot.

“I know we certainly we have a lot of strength in the college faculty, a lot of diversity, and people who are extremely productive in their own fields,” he said.

Katz said the award was a big honor, but he also believes it is important to recognize the students he frequently works with on research and other publications. A recent graduate, Katherine Sosa, and a current student, Peter Tokar, worked with Katz on the upcoming third edition of his book Communication & Conflict Resolution Skills, which has been in print since 1985.

“I think that's the blessing of being involved in a graduate program, that instead of just students we have students/colleagues to work with,” Katz said.

Katz teaches courses such as Communication Dynamics in Dispute Resolution: The Human Factor and Conflict Management in Groups. For more information about DCRS’ graduate programs, click here.

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