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CAHSS creates virtual Center for the Humanities

Centralized location for humanities-related info at NSU

NSU’s College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences recently created a virtual Center for the Humanities that documents humanities-related events, research, and news at NSU.


“We want a virtual space where students can have a complete and coherent picture of what the humanities looks like at NSU,” said Andrea Shaw Nevins, Ph.D., the CAHSS Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs and the Center’s director.

Nevins said the idea for creating a humanities-focused website came from Department of History and Political Science Associate Professor Ben Mulvey, Ph.D. The goal: Highlight the importance of the humanities in higher education. The website features information about humanities events at NSU, faculty research and initiatives, as well as national news. It is also the home for the annual Humanities Student Conference, which returns in March 2020 with the theme “Crossroads.”

Another goal for the Center is to demonstrate the value that studying humanities provides for students in a wide variety of professions. One page is devoted to the topic of the pathway from the humanities to a career in health care.

“Studying the humanities cultivates a range of skills that serve students in a variety of pursuits,” she said. “The Center is here to help make the value of the humanities more visible.”

Nevins has bigger plans for the Center beyond a website.

“In the long run, our hope is that we secure funding and end up with an actual location on the campus,” Nevins said. “For now, we’re going to do the very best we can with our site.”

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