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DWC faculty and students participate in SWCA Tutor Collaboration Day

Event took place at Writing and Communication Center

CAHSS Department of Writing and Communication (DWC) Assistant Professor Janine Morris, Ph.D., organized SWCA’s Tutor Collaboration Day, co-hosted by the NSU Write from the Start Writing and Communication Center (WCC) and Florida State University’s Reading Writing Center on Saturday, Sept. 29 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Morris serves as the SWCA Florida Representative and the NSU WCC graduate student coordinator.

Tutor day Tutor day

Tutors and directors from writing centers across the state participated by attending a variety of interactive workshops focused on problem-solving, neurodiversity, linguistic differences, online tutoring, and social media.

“I think Tutor Collaboration Day was amazing, and we were so glad to have everybody here at the WCC,” said Morris. “The presentations were fantastic, the conversations were great, and everything exceeded my expectations.”

Tutor Collaboration Day kicked off with a live-video conference between NSU and FSU participants, and SWCA President Graham Stowe, Ph.D. Together, they discussed implementing the concepts of hope, love, faith, humility, and truth in writing centers. The video conference was followed by an FSU workshop on how tutors can help market a writing center. The FSU workshop was transmitted live to NSU.

During lunch, students from the CAHSS-DWC M.A. in Composition, Rhetoric, and Digital Media program held five roundtable discussions where attendees could discuss current writing center topics with other students.

CAHSS DWC Professor and Executive Director of the WCC, Kevin Dvorak, Ph.D., said Tutor Collaboration Day was a great opportunity for students from different institutions to learn from each other.

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