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Steven E. Alford, Ph.D.

Steven Alford
Professor Emeritus
Dept. of Literature and Modern Languages


  • Ph.D. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
  • M.A. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
  • B.A. University of Texas, Austin

Professional Interests

Steven E. Alford, Ph.D., was a Fulbright Scholar at Albert Ludwigs Universität in Freiburg. His areas of research and teaching include early German and English Romanticism, Film Criticism and Theory, and American Literature, in particular the Contemporary American Novel and the work of Paul Auster. 

Dr. Alford has been at the forefront of motorcycle studies for over a decade. He has served as an editor for The International Journal of Motorcycle Studies since 2005. His own publications in the field have focused on the intersection of motorcycles and culture.  He has lectured on diverse topics such as New Zealand motorcyclists Burt Munro and John Britten, and the psychological effects of riding. His work on motorcycle culture has appeared in journals such as The Literature of Travel and Exploration: An Encyclopedia and Studies in Travel Writing, as well as Harley-Davidson and Philosophy (Open Court, 2006). With Professor Suzanne Ferriss, he penned the Introduction to An Anthology of Early British Motorcycle Travel Writing (Essex-Dakar Books, 2009) and the book Motorcycle (Reaktion Books, 2008). They recently completed a second book, Spokes of the Wheel: From Bicycle to Motorcycle.

News and Events

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