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Christopher F. Burnett, Psy.D.

Christopher Burnett
Associate Professor
Dept. of Family Therapy
(954) 262-3010
Office: Maltz 1058


  • Psy.D. Indiana University of Pennsylvania
  • M.A. Duquesne University
  • B.A. Wilkes College

Professional Interests

Christopher F. Burnett, Psy.D., is director of Doctoral Programs/Assistant Professor at NSU's College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences (CAHSS). He joined the University in 1993; his clinical specialty is Bowen Family Systems Theory, an interest he has maintained now for over 20 years. Dr. Burnett is increasingly recognized for his work in the application of systems thinking to social and organizational systems. His work focuses on "Human Systems" in the areas of government, business, education, community development and health care, with the goal of illuminating and improving the quality of the human relationships necessary for success in each. He was a featured presenter at the 2001 AAMFT Summer Institutes for Advanced Clinical Training in Vancouver, where he presented "Developing a Corporate Consulting and Systems Training Practice".

He has worked over the past six years as an independent Human Systems Consultant in both the corporate and not-for-profit sectors. His clients have ranged from multi-million dollar public corporations, to institutions of higher education, county government, and United Way supported community organizations. Each of them have sought his help in understanding and changing the "relational climate" of their respective organizations, at both the micro as well as macro levels. Dr. Burnett has presented some of his work on consulting in pre-conference institutes at AAMFT and received acclaim for both his content and interactive style.

As a professor, Dr. Burnett was the dissertation chair for the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy's 1997 "Outstanding Graduate Research Award" winner, Dr. Jane Dye. He was also the faculty advisor for the first AAMFT Minority Internship Award winner, Ms. Fanya Jabouin- Monnay. His wide variety of academic interests have allowed him to teach graduate courses in subjects as varied as Bowen Family Systems Theory, Organizational Conflict, Diversity and Human Development, Research, Consultation, Quantitative Research Methods, Economics and Politics of Health Care, and Human Systems in Health Care Settings. He has also served on numerous University wide-committees, including the New Degree Program Review Committee, Alliance for Healthy Communities Advisory Committee, NSU's Strategic Planning and Implementation Committee, The Family Business Institute, and NSU's Institutional Review Board.

Classes Taught

  • SFTD 5410 Logic and Methods of Research /Quantitative Research Methods I
  • SFTD 6430 Research Strategies II
  • SFTD 5007/ Research in Marriage and Family Therapy
  • STFM 5353
  • FSHC 5200 Research in Medical Family Therapy
  • SFTD 5010 Systemic Family Therapy I / III
  • SFTD 6540/ Bowen Family Systems Theory
  • SFTM 5540
  • SFTM 5320 Introduction to Marriage and Family Therapy
  • SFTD 6520/ Diversity in Human and Family Development
  • SFTM 6331
  • SFTD 7301/ Assessment in Marriage and Family Therapy
  • SFTM 6320
  • SFTD 7310 Independent Study

Clinical Practicum Supervision


  • SFTD 5210 Practicum I
  • SFTD 6210 Practicum III
  • SFTD 6230 Practicum V
  • SFTD 6240 Practicum VI


  • SFTM 5360 Practicum I
  • SFTM 6360 Practicum II
  • SFTM 6361 Practicum III
  • SFTM 6362 Practicum IV
  • (Standard and Family Systems Health Care Tracks)

Department of Conflict Resolution Studies

  • CARD 6000 Consultation
  • CARD 7090 Quantitative Research: Methods and Tools

Health Care Conflict Resolution

  • HCCR 5200 Human Systems in Health Care Settings
  • FSHC 5500 Politics and Economics of Health Care

News and Events

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