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To complete the Graduate Certificate in College Student Personnel Administration students must complete a total of 65 hours of practicum. Students are responsible for documenting their practicum hours, and must have these hours verified and signed by an on-site supervisor. The practicum experience is designed to provide students with an experiential opportunity to utilize College Student Personnel Administration methodology and theory within an educational setting. Students will have the opportunity to apply theoretical concepts within a practical framework.

Practicum provides a placement for the student to develop and refine practitioner skills. Using the Practicum experience, students have the opportunity to apply theoretical concepts within a practical framework under the supervision of an on site supervisor. The Director of Practicum and Field research will work with you to establish a placement suited to your interests, if possible. Additionally, the student is encouraged to explore and initiate a Practicum setting specific to their own individual interests. If students find an appropriate site, the Practicum Director will assist the student in calling the site and negotiating for a placement.

Additionally, the student will attend a Practicum class with course work and faculty supervision. The student must receive contractual approval from both the Practicum Director and the agency on site supervisor before beginning the required Practicum hours. The student is responsible for documenting Practicum hours and receiving supervisor approval.

The practice component of the student's Practicum is evaluated by the on site supervisor each term; this evaluation is combined with the classroom performance and course requirements and converted into a final overall grade by the Practicum Faculty.

Practicum experience abroad is subject to a different set of policies and procedures. Information about practicum is accessible at this link.

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