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Alumni Success Stories

The following testimonials represent the diverse learning experiences, academic achievements, and post-graduation successes of the alumni of the Department of Justice and Human Services.

If you're an alumnus/a of our department, we'd like to hear from you! Contact our faculty or department chair to share your academic, professional, or personal success story.

Jay Fortenbery

Jay Fortenbery

Ph.D. Criminal Justice | Class of 2016

"Earning a Doctor of Philosophy in Criminal Justice from NSU has provided me with the knowledge and credentials necessary to enter into the professions of research and academia. As a full-time police chief, the program offered by NSU afforded me the opportunity to achieve my goals from a highly recommended and SACS-accredited institution. I found the level of instruction from each professor to be exemplary in every way, and the courses provided were both challenging and rewarding. The concentration choice of organizational leadership also supplied very useful information and broadened my knowledge, which has assisted me greatly in my current position.

During my course of study, I was able to publish three articles in the FBI Bulletin and have submitted a fourth for publication in this highly respected worldwide online magazine. My dissertation on “Physical Fitness Policies among Police Departments in North Carolina” has been published and is generating interest among my colleagues in the law enforcement profession. I have started working on a law enforcement training book and hope to begin a new career teaching future cops at the undergraduate and graduate level upon my upcoming retirement from law enforcement. I highly recommend this course of study and would like to thank the entire staff of NSU for a great educational experience!"

Robert Sorenson

Robert SorensonM.A. Gerontology | Class of 2016

"The Gerontology program at Nova Southeastern University provides an excellent learning experience for anyone who aspires to help shape the way we age. Each course approaches aging through a humanistic perspective which provides a practical way of utilizing learned information. The time I spent in the program bolstered my understanding of the population and has improved the way I provide professional and compassionate care to those I serve."

Sheresa Campbell

Sheresa CampbellM.S. Developmental Disabilities | Class of 2015

"The Master of Science in Developmental Disabilities program at Nova Southeastern University provided me with tremendous knowledge and ability to serve individuals and families affected by developmental disabilities. In my role as a nurse practitioner, I use the information gained in this program on a daily basis. With the advances in science and medicine, many individuals with both physical and developmental disabilities are living longer and are part of our communities. All of us need to know how to help them be valued individuals and reach their highest potential. We need to assure they receive appropriate education and medical treatment. In my experience, there has been very little training or education regarding caring for individuals with disabilities, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to expand my knowledge base in this important area.

The curriculum offered in the Master of Science in Developmental Disabilities program at Nova Southeastern University provides students with a very comprehensive education in the developmental disabilities field. Students will learn about disabilities that affect children and adults and will gain perspective on some of the challenges they and their families face on a daily basis. They will also learn what we can do, both in the field of education and medicine, to improve their outcomes.

The program is designed to allow for one to participate while continuing in their current field of work. The classes are so well organized and students are provided all the important dates on the syllabus at the beginning of each course. I was able to manage working full time, travel out of the country and provide for my family while I was completing this program. The online classes provide opportunities for interaction with the professors as well as other classmates. The professors were easily accessible and knowledgeable, engaging and enthusiastic about the courses being taught. There was much support and many resources available to assist in the projects assigned.

I found this program to be challenging and rewarding, and I have become even more passionate about caring for those affected by disabilities. I would recommend this program to anyone working with individuals affected by developmental disabilities. I gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and am so thankful I was able to participate in this important program."

Nora Johnson

Nora Johnson

M.A. Gerontology | Class of 2015

Nora Johnson completed the Gerontology program with a 4.0 GPA. "I only have compliments on how the program was set up and the attention that each and every professor gave the students. As far as my career, I just got a promotion at Home Care Assistance of St. Louis. I now have 25 clients and growing that I am able to see and do assessments on a regular basis. I am able to utilize the knowledge that I gained from NSU."

Carrel Taylor

Carrel Taylor

B.S. Paralegal Studies | Class of 2015

"I graduated from Nova Southeastern University with a bachelor's in Paralegal Studies. I chose to go to NSU because I read about their small class sizes and the reputation that NSU has in the legal community. I enjoyed my time at NSU. Not only was I able to learn about substantive law and procedural law, but I was also able to see firsthand the tools and devices that attorneys use in a real world setting. I currently work for a Personal Injury law firm where I have excelled at every challenge thrown my way. I have been prepared because of the training and foundation I got from NSU. I am planning to go to law school, and the Shepard Broad College of Law is my only choice."

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