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Family Systems Graduate Minor

The Graduate Minor in Family Systems in the Department of Family Therapy (DFT) is designed to introduce students to systems theory and how it is used to help individuals, couples, and families. Students taking this minor are prepared to better understand how family dynamics play a role in shaping individual and group behaviors in and outside of clinical settings. The courses are designed to familiarize students with some of the core concepts associated with systemic approaches to facilitating interpersonal change and development. Students will have a better understanding of how a systemic approach to interpersonal relationships can benefit families, communities, and large social systems.

Curriculum Requirements


SFTM 5310 - Introduction to Systems Theories (3 credits)

Presents an overview of theories that use metaphors of system, pattern, interaction, and communication to describe human behavior and relationships, with an emphasis on cybernetics. 

SFTM 5320 - Introduction to Marital and Family Therapy: Counseling Theories and Techniques (3 credits)

Reviews the history of marital and family therapy and the clinical approaches of interactional therapies. Focuses on basic counseling concepts and skills. 

SFTM 5321 - Theories of Marital and Family Therapy (3 credits)

Offers a comparative study of theories of marital and family therapy, including systemic, structural, strategic, intergenerational, contextual, behavioural, and experiential therapies. Survey of differences in clinical practice.

Choose two:

SFTM 6331 - Diversity and Psychosocial Issues (3 credits)

Focuses on the diversity of psychosocial development across ethnicity, class, gender, and culture, from childhood through old age. Discusses the implications for interactional therapies.

SFTM 6332 - Human Sexuality and Gender (3 credits)

Review the psychosocial development of sexuality and gender from childhood through old age. Summary of clinical approaches to sexual and gender problems, comparing interactional approaches with psychodynamic and behavioral models.

SFTM 6374 - Human Development and Individual/Group Psychotherapy (3 credits)

Graduate Minor Advisor:

Dr. Anne Rambo
Phone: (954) 262-3002

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