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The Middle East and Islamic World Awareness Group (MEIWA)

The Middle East and Islamic World Awareness Group (MEIWA) is part of the community outreach and research in the Department of Conflict Analysis & Resolution (DCAR) at Nova Southeastern University. There is no other region that needs our attention and awareness more than that of the Middle East. Also, the Islamic faith is significantly misunderstood in the United States and misrepresented by American mass-media. Our group provides the perfect opportunity for students to learn, communicate, and become aware of the Middle East and Islamic world. As a group we invite speakers to the university, facilitate panel discussions, present papers and research, and become active participants in the Middle East peace process.

Each of us is significantly impacted by both Middle Eastern conflict and conflict found in the greater Islamic world. The United States is currently engaged in two Middle Eastern conflicts: Iraq and Afghanistan. Arguably, neither has progressed as we had hoped. Also, we are currently engaged in a war against terrorism (specifically Al-Qaeda and the Taliban) and our efforts seem to be futile because their numbers are still growing. Furthermore, there are significant regional conflicts that indirectly impact each of us; specifically, Palestinian-Israeli, Arab-Israeli, Turkish-Kurdish, Shiite-Sunni, and Iranian nuclear ambitions. It is imperative that we become aware of the history, causes, and most importantly how to facilitate peace within each of these conflicts. This being said, MEIWA helps to meet these challenges by facilitating awareness and tolerance.

If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, or if you would like to become an active participant please contact Dr. Dustin Berna or email him at

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