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Internships for Undergraduates - FAQs

Internships enable students at the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences to gain firsthand knowledge and work experience in a variety of fields and workplace environments.

These hands-on learning opportunities can provide you with a window into a specific career or industry, allowing you to shadow experienced professionals, learn new skills, practice professional etiquette, and contribute to the efforts of the hosting organization, team, or company.

Student interns can establish potential future references and network with others in their field—all while earning credits toward their degree programs.

You can intern with qualifying public, private, and nonprofit businesses and organizations locally and abroad. Internships can be completed during the fall, winter, and summer semesters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can students of any major complete an internship?

Yes. Credit-bearing internship courses are offered in each division within the college and may be found in CourseWizard. Duties and expectations of a particular internship should be relevant to the course/major for the individual student. The internship position/description is subject to review and approval by the department chair.

What are the requirements to apply for an internship?

Specific requirements (e.g., prerequisites, hour requirements, number of credits completed before internship) vary by major.

In all cases, a minimum 2.5 GPA and permission of the academic division director is required.

Please note that specific deadlines are established for submission of each internship application. Internship applications must be obtained from an academic advisor and submitted by the student to the department chair by the applicable deadline:

  • Fall internship: August 1
  • Winter internship: December 1
  • Summer internship: April 1

Are all internships credit-bearing?

All successfully completed internships arranged through the college grant credit. Credit award varies by internship.

Are there any internships for paid positions?

Most internships are unpaid. However, approved paid internships also qualify for academic credit.

Do I need to secure a faculty sponsor/mentor before securing an internship?

Faculty members may suggest venues for an internship, and you may ask faculty whether they would supervise your internship experience.

However, you may apply for an internship without a faculty member’s prior approval. If the internship is approved by the academic division director, a faculty supervisor will be assigned.

You may also secure suggestions for potential internship sites through the Office of Career Services.

An approved internship site requires academic relevance (including specific learning outcomes) and an onsite supervisor who will work with the faculty supervisor to ensure that you fulfill the expected learning outcomes.

How can I learn about potential internship opportunities/locations?

You are encouraged to consult with faculty and with NSU's Office of Career Development You may also approach an organization that provides internship opportunities in an area that interest you.

How are credits earned and tuition determined?

Credit varies by particular internship. Usually, an internship is worth 3 credits, reflecting at least 10 hours per week across a full semester.

Tuition charges apply to this course, as for all courses.

My degree program curriculum does not include an internship. If I complete an internship, will the credits earned count as elective credits ?

Internship credit may or may not be applicable to your particular degree requirements. Check the student catalog (the version representing the academic year you entered the program) for details. Consult an academic advisor to verify how an internship course might be applied to your degree.

How do I register for an internship?

Initiate the internship registration process through your academic advisor. Upon approval from your academic division director, you can register for the internship with the assistance of your academic advisor.

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