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Noorina Mirza, M.A.

Noorina Mirza

Adjunct Professor
Department of Writing and Communication


Professional Interests

Noorina Mirza, M.A., has taught at Nova Southeastern University as an adjunct English composition instructor since 2008. She has taught COMP 1000, COMP 1500, COMP 2000, WRIT 3150, and LITR 2030 World Literature 1. Her teaching philosphy includes making the writing process positive and proactive, making students aware of their potential and drawing it out, communicating the importance of effective communication for career success, and understanding the issues/reservations particular to non-native speakers and writers of English.

She has worked as a volunteer for various fundraising organizations such as Friends of the Museum of Art, The Opera Society, and The Broward International Women’s Club, a club that raised funds to supplement education expenses of international students at NSU. She co-authored Before and After Hurricane Andrew, a book published in 2001.

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